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I seek to center the viewer in a stunning, illogical world of form and strictly ordered chaos. My intention is to generate a strong formal focus, creating works that challenge monumental scale, often through multiple pieces joined into an impressive sum. But the work is strangely solemn and intimate despite its magnitude; drawing the viewer in and asking her to assign meaning and reason to an artificial landscape of carefully articulated form.

I aim to imbue the static nature of three-dimensional sculpture with radical spontaneity, drawing inspiration from the fluidity of line in two-dimensional gesture studies, organic forms in nature, and the precariousness of materials stretched beyond their inherent limitations --used and misused-- challenging boundaries in an awkward dance against gravity. I see my work as a reflection of flux, the state of becoming, things in progress or regress, and the loneliness of this isolated state.

I was bedridden for much of my youth, creating a world in absence of external stimuli, growing with nature, unnaturally, warped by artificial light and confined space. My work is stripped of color, simplified and abstracted as a reflection of that missing stimuli. These works are spontaneous outgrowths, self-willed forms distorted in their isolation without nourishment or teleological aim, caught still in an eternal moment of becoming, an objective study of inner life without motive force: frozen, timeless, and exquisite.



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